In 2004, Rika decided to move to Bifuka, Hokkaido, to pursue a lifestyle closer to nature and to bring up her children away from the bustle of the city. Hokkaido is one of the only places in Japan with sheep, and so Rika’s foray into crafting with wool developed naturally upon seeing that some of the local wool was going to waste. Since then, she has diligently crafted clothes, bags, shoes, shoes and more from a variety of different sheep fleeces.

rikahemmi 自然





Where I get my wool

I mainly source my wool from sheep that live nearby (Hokkaido, Bifuka), although sometimes we do get wool from overseas. Everything from the preparation of the wool to the arrangement of the wool into the final design is done by hand.


If you are interested in buying, or just have a few questions, please get in contact via below: 

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